Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why 98 Bottles?

Now that we’re off and running we figured it’s time to explain why we chose the name 98 Bottles (also because some folks out there are calling it 99 Bottles which is one bottle too many). 

Everyone knows the song “99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall” (and no - it’s not 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - look it up) and when you hear it you’re instantly taken back to a school road trip, campfire, sleep over (or hangover)…either way it’s always associated with fun times and good friends.

We started planning this business (in it’s current incarnation) in 2008/09 right in the middle of the global economic collapse as well as one of the most vitriolic and divisive political campaigns in recent memory.   Fed up with 24/7 news cycles and the proliferation of more and more impersonal electronic media (that connects us while at the same time keeps us apart) we decided that we wanted to create a comfortable place where all kinds of people would want to come hang out, eat delicious but healthy food, drink cool craft beer, fun wine and creative cocktails and be entertained. We want to remind folks that earthquakes, busted nuclear power plants, crooked politicians and 401K’s aside, life is still fun and getting out of the house and spending time laughing and sharing good times are all good for your soul.

That brings us to why 98 and not 99 bottles. We want you to take a bottle down and pass it around with friends, family or even the person you just met who is sitting next to you, if not literally then metaphorically…it’s all about the sharing...THEN it will be 98. Our food menu is also designed to encourage sharing. No formal entrees here, just great platters, dips, salads, munchies and desserts you’ll want to split with everyone at the table.  Our retail store will feature great gift box ideas so when you discover an olive oil or locally made delicacy that you just love, you can pair it up with a great bottle of wine and give it to your neighbor, your boss, your aunt or your girlfriend.

Our entertainment and events calendar will be the pièce de résistance.  It will feature something for everyone - jazz, comedy, open mic, spoken word, fashion shows, food pairing events, even our own original musical revue – there will always be something fun to do at 98 Bottles. All of our entertainment and events will involve real people not TV or computer screens.  We trust that will lead to thoughtful conversation and dialogue, and maybe new friendships along the way.  This is how we plan to accomplish our mission…to get you out of the house and into the moment.