Friday, September 30, 2011

Blank Walls

Some would say staring at a blank wall is a sign of boredom, we see staring at our blank walls at 98 Bottles as an amazing opportunity to exhibit an endless array of fabulous work done by San Diego artists.  We've put out a clarion call to all the artists in our neighborhood, and to all artists everywhere in San Diego, to paint, sculpt, photograph, compose, construct, paste, glue, sew, staple, nail (or any other creative verb you can think of) to create pieces of art that depict "bottles" in any medium...oils, water colors, metal, pen & ink, pencil, collage, fabric, stone, clay or any other material from which you can produce fabulous art.  We will exhibit these pieces with great love and care and with proper credit to the artists who create them (and we will put them for sale if the invidual artist so desires).  So, if you are a local artist or you know someone who is, please help us spread the word. Help us get some art up in this place!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spinning Round in Circles

Our heads have been spinning with all that's going on.  There is a RIDICULOUS amount of things that need to get done and the hours fly by every day without us seeming to make a dent.  No matter how much we plan, things happen every hour of every day that zap away the hours.  We meet with vendors and PR people, CPA's and customers, run to the bank,  tweet and facebook, order stuff, plan stuff and try to figure out stuff.  Tonight the beer cooler went on the fritz (for the second time) thank god it's new and under warranty.  But the deli cooler also went out and it is NOT new and NOT under warrantee.  But despite it all, we do seem to be making some progress.  Our sign goes up tomorrow and we have a full calendar of events for October, check it out:

If you've been following us and wondering what all this craziness is about, stop by and check it out for yourself.  Through it all, the best part has been the people we've met and the friends we've made, we sure hope you're the next.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 1 & 2

As of today we’ve  been open for two weeks and it’s been exciting, exhilarating, inspiring, scary, fun and frustrating.  How’s that for a psychotic emotional rollercoaster ride?  We started the first four days with just being open for happy hour until close, then added lunch last Tuesday.  In our first week we had an awesome jazz quintet perform in THE BACK ROOM, our first Kettner Nights and a total blackout.  Not bad for a first week.  We’ve been delighted to serve all of those who have been so supportive and to meet new neighbors.  There is still tons to do, but at least we are FINALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  We’re planning to open the retail store in the next couple of weeks and we have a full October event calendar planned:

Tap on Tap – 7pm Tuesday night $10 for a glass and a class-yes beginning tap dancing taught by Broadway dancer Steve Anthony and draught beer

Humpday Horror – 7PM Wednesday night classic B & W scary movies

Tasty Thursdays – Thursdays 7pm (Oct 6, 13, 20, 27)
Each week a different brewery or vineyard expert will lead an entertaining presentation and educational evening featuring a different beer, wine or sake. 

Friday/Saturday – live music TBA

Thanks for following us on our path to opening...come see us soon

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blackout Makes The Lights Go On

Mired in all of the details of opening, it’s been easy to lose sight of the big picture. It was the blackout last Thursday that illuminated things for us. We were reminded that our goal of creating a place where folks can gather, relax, eat, drink, socialize and have fun all without TV’s or computers is an important and valuable one.  The moment the lights went out, neighbors poured into the street comparing notes, trying to figure out what was happening.  Soon our friends from Hyde Edwards Salon came over, they had cash and we had cold beer and wine so we all settled in for the evening.  Other neighbors joined us and soon everyone was talking, laughing playing charades, and passing the time.  When it got dark we lit some candles and kept the party going.  Someone ran home and got a bar-b-que and Chef Jeff cooked up some tuna and chicken for everyone. Over the past few days, we've heard numerous stories of neighbors meeting for the first time and groups of strangers gathering together. Funny how people truly connect when they disconnect. Welcome to the moment. Everything else is just excess.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


slow·pen·ing n
1. an organic opening at a measured pace
2. taking your time to figure out what you’re doing so you don’t screw up
3. not making a big hoopla and inviting everyone and their brother to come so they can catch you in every mistake you’re sure to make.

On Wednesday September 7 we are going to begin our slow-pening.  It has taken us a long time to realize our dream, the entire process has been pretty organic and we have allowed things to unfold at their own pace.  We have been patient  (most of the time) and we are not about to change that now.

So, we’re going to start by opening for happy hour at 4pm and go until closing for about a week and a half.  Once we have mastered that, we will slowly phase in lunch, the retail store and our entertainment calendar. 

Like life, it will be a process and we will do our best to be vested in the process (the journey) and not the goal (a “grand opening”) After all, we’re in this for the long haul.