Friday, September 30, 2011

Blank Walls

Some would say staring at a blank wall is a sign of boredom, we see staring at our blank walls at 98 Bottles as an amazing opportunity to exhibit an endless array of fabulous work done by San Diego artists.  We've put out a clarion call to all the artists in our neighborhood, and to all artists everywhere in San Diego, to paint, sculpt, photograph, compose, construct, paste, glue, sew, staple, nail (or any other creative verb you can think of) to create pieces of art that depict "bottles" in any medium...oils, water colors, metal, pen & ink, pencil, collage, fabric, stone, clay or any other material from which you can produce fabulous art.  We will exhibit these pieces with great love and care and with proper credit to the artists who create them (and we will put them for sale if the invidual artist so desires).  So, if you are a local artist or you know someone who is, please help us spread the word. Help us get some art up in this place!

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