Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Where Our Business Takes Us

We've just finished our 4th week of being open.  We've slipped up, gotten down, hit some things right on, worked our butts off, kept our frustrations in, laughed out loud and learned A LOT.   Lots of seeds have been planted, business is growing and so today we made a decision to go where our business takes us.  We've learned that 98 Bottles is a great gathering place.  People come to have business meetings, celebrate their birthdays, "meet-up" for happy hour, enjoy date night, hang with friends or just curl up on the couches and talk.  It's exactly what we had hoped for :) All kinds of folks have come for events from tap classes to food pairings, scary movies and live music. Every day people are asking about hosting events at 98 Bottles, either in the front lounge or in the private BACK ROOM.  So it's time for us to focus on that.  To give us time to do so, starting this week, we will open at 4pm.  This means we won't be serving lunch, but no a late breakfast and join us for happy hour.

We read once about an architect who built a large condo complex.  When the landscaper asked where he wanted to put the sidewalks he said "plant grass everywhere." So they planted grass everywhere and after a while, when it was clear where people WANTED to walk, that's where they built the sidewalks.  It's time for us to begin building our sidewalks.  Thanks to all of you for your feedback, love and support.

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