Thursday, June 16, 2011

It’s only $50 more

If we had $50 for every time we said “it’s only $50 more…”  Lately the three of us have been doing tons of shopping and have found ourselves frequently caught in the “it’s only $50 more” vortex.  It’s a mindset we all understand and have all succumbed to from time to time. It goes something like this:  your budget is tight,  you’re watching your pennies and your making every effort to be a careful shopper.  But then you see some fabulous thing that is just slightly over your budget and you begin the “it’s only $50 more” justification jig.  For us it all started when we were tile shopping.  We easily found boring tile that was within budget but then, from across the room, as if beckoning us in, we saw it...THE PERFECT tile.  Chris did some calculations and presented us with  the “well it’s only $50 more” argument. We all quickly agreed.  After all, it was well worth the larger expenditure and besides, we vowed to be more careful with future purchases. Tuesday we took delivery of our chairs, bar stools and table bases…they’re really cool and well within our budget.  On Monday we ordered our sofas and love seats, also within budget :)  So what if we couldn’t resist also buying the super cute custom-color ottomans…after all they were only $50 more!

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