Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Business Promise

Before we had a business plan we had a business promise. 98 Bottles is the culmination of several years of planning, misfires, raised hopes, dashed dreams and a healthy helping of blood, sweat and tears. But through it all we always promised ourselves that we would listen to each other’s ideas, revel in each other’s company, support each other’s dreams live in every moment and, most importantly, have fun. We promised that this simple doctrine would guide our decision making from the vendors we pick and the employees we hire, to the deals we negotiate and the people with whom we choose to do business. We tell you about this promise not necessarily because it’s crucial for you to know, but because it is necessary for us to remind ourselves.

Our business promise is laudable but it is not always easy to fulfill in practical application.  On the path to opening we have endured our share of scares, traumas, close calls and frustrations.  In other blog posts we’ve shared with you a few of the crazy hurdles we’ve had to overcome and, while we have described them with humor, many have been challenges that were downright scary; especially this past month. After a five-week standstill due to city permitting, a malaise began to creep into our consciousness. Every decision (and there are millions of them you have to make when opening a new business) seemed labored, we were getting short with each other, frustrated with the process and panicked about everything that had to get done. We were so focused on getting to opening that we forgot to be in the moment. We were letting ourselves get sucked into the panic vortex, letting fear guide the way instead of joy.

No matter what anyone says, business IS personal and it should be because your business, and the way you conduct it, is a direct reflection of who you are as a person.  Our goal is to make 98 Bottles a family  not only for us (the people who work here) but also for you (the people who play here).

We realized last week that we were forgetting about our business promise. Grateful for the epiphany, we knew we needed to share it with you so that WE would not forget and so that you would hold us to it.


  1. You're right. Business IS personal. But then again, isn't everything?

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