Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Final Phase (Here We Go Again!)

In a couple of weeks we’ll be under construction again with the FINAL PHASE of our build-out.  We’ve been open 7 months now so it’s time to finish what we started.  This phase involves adding another bar in the Lower Lounge, opening up the storefront and adding two outdoor patios.   We’ll also be extending the Back Room by building a wall at the top of the stairs and opening up the wall behind the existing bar so you’ll be able to watch live music and other entertainment from the bar. Luckily this construction does not require near as much drawing and permitting as the original build-out so we should be done by early to mid-June.  And since WE'LL BE OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION, the whole process shouldn’t be too disruptive.  When it’s done we’ll have a great neighborhood bar space downstairs (complete with bar shuffleboard) and an enhanced Back Room entertainment/event space.  Here are a couple of drawings of what it will look like.  Stop in and let us know what you think!

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