Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Very Lucky Day


Who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day?  Today has actually been the luckiest of days with many wonderful signs. On the way to work a profound message on the car next to mine... “Change lives, start with your own.”  WOW!  Amazing advice and so true.  At Starbucks the friendliest, most helpful barista who really knew her customers by name and by their favorite coffee drink.  I told her, "it’s a great barista who knows her customers.”  She told me she had lost her job with the county and ended up having to work at Starbucks. She said at first it was really hard because she had never had to do that kind of work before, even when working her way through school.  But, she said now she sees her job as a blessing because she is able to "truly connect" with people, something she said "you can never do when going about your normal life."  And, she told me the work keeps her really busy which keeps her “in the moment.”  WOW – so profound.  I told her she was blessed to be aware of such a state of mind and that clearly that is why she is so happy.  She told me I made her day…but she is the one who made mine!  On the way home I passed a taxi, name on the cab was “New Life”.  Could there be a more clear sign of being on the right path? Friday the 13th...a truly lucky day.

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