Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tight on cash? Start stripping...

We've known from the beginning that the budget would be tight, but we certainly didn't expect to have to resort to stripping so soon.   Being the perfectionist that he is, Chris did his research first.  After watching some instructional videos he gathered the guts to head off to the local stripper store. After shopping around he decided to go with the heavy duty steel, after all you can't expect the bests results with a cheap approach.  Amped up on caffene and sheathed in black nylon, from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm   Chris stripped away - right in our plate glass window.  Even though it was a dark and stormy day, plenty of people came by to watch the show. He may not have made any tips, but Chris certainly made an impression! Lots of neighbors raved about how delighted they are to have us joining the neighborhood.  Looks like Chris was an instant success.

By 1:30 Jill came by to try her hand at the stripping thing.   From the pictures you can see that she clearly chose the wrong outfit.  What WAS she thinking? Jill's first two attempts almost resulted in serious bodily injury.  At one point she lost control and almost went slamming into the front window.  But eventually she was stripping like a seasoned pro.  Steve didn't make it down to strip, but that's OK because that's how he used to make a living. 

After 8-hours of stripping the job is only about half done.  Its a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.  Next week we gotta start GRINDING!

The pole
The Ninja (don't try this at home)
What WAS she thinking

The Twirl
Still got lots of grinding to do

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