Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going Once, Going Twice...

What started out as a casual, "let's check out a restaurant auction" turned into an unexpected, though necessary, shopping spree.  It was like when you go to Target with toothpaste and toilet paper on your list only to walk out hundreds of dollars later.  At the preview yesterday we decided to bid on some nice hardwood chairs, and depending on how things went, maybe a sink. We got to the auction early and sat nervously trying to listen and learn so when our turn came to bid we wouldn't embarrass ourselves.  Finally after about an hour and a half the chairs came up for bid.  Before we could even lift our "paddle" the price was twice the amount we had set as our limit. So the chairs came and went. Bummer!  We quickly assured each other that while the chairs were nice, they really weren't worth the bid price. We shook off the feeling of defeat, bolstered ourselves and waited for the sink's lot number to be called.  With some research and common sense we had calculated that a three compartment sink, at auction, couldn't be worth more than $150, the one we bid on went for $400.  Really?  We watched as everything from flatware to walk-ins was auctioned off (does anyone really USE a table mounted potato chip slicer?) Then we got the fever.  We circled back down every aisle to see what we might have missed.  After all we didn't get the chairs, so there must be other things to buy. Six hours later we are now the proud owners of: one stainless steel 6-foot work table; a brand new, open-front deli refrigerator/merchandiser; two 3-sink under bar units; one 3-compartment dish sink; and a wall-mounted hand sink.  That may not seem glamorous but we got some good deals and we are proud of it! The whole experience was frustrating yet satisfying, exhilarating yet exhausting, a great learning experience and generally tons of fun. Now all we have to do is rent a truck, load everything up and take it down to the space in the morning.  There is still LOTS more to buy.  This could turn into an addiction (soon that potato chip slicer may seem like just what we need). 

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