Monday, February 28, 2011

Alphabet Soup

For years we've been searching MLS, calculating NNNs and CAMs. Then finally after signing an LOA with BRE we signed an LOI with our PM.  Then we had to hire a GC to figure out the HVAC and to work with SDG&E to determine the BTUs.  That required a CAD. Next our CPA helped us switch our CORP from a C to an S. Then we had to apply for an NUP and CUP with CCDC. ABC required a receipt from CCDC before we could apply for our Type 42. Tonight we met with the CAB hoping they will recommend a letter of support from their BOD. That was with the LIA.  Last week we met with LINO and the week before Chris went to a meeting of DISI. Before long we'll have to deal with ADA and EDD, and depending on which plan we choose, maybe AT&T.

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