Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Milestone - We've Been Posted

On Saturday our consultant Marco Polo Cortes brought us the official ABC posting for our window.  It stays up for 30 days.  Next we do a mailing to everyone within 500 feet of the property and keep our fingers crossed that no one protests our license application.  Keep YOUR fingers crossed too and your toes, arms, legs and anything else you can think to cross!
Steve, Chris, Jill & Marco Polo  
Close up of the official posting!  
No we didn't coordinate our hat selection-it was pure coincidence


  1. Oh how I LOVE seeing the familiar "MTP" .... yay. Everything crossed and crossed some more!!!!

  2. goodluck! I can't wait to get to this milestone. It's amazing to see your progress through this blog and it gives me hope. You are absolutely right, it is amazing how hard it is to start your own business especially when there is liquor involved!

  3. Yay! This is a big milestone. Best of luck. It's great to see the progress...and photos to journal it all. This is exciting!!