Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthing the Baby

Some people compare opening a new business to giving birth.  Well, there certainly are similarities. We’ve been open about three months now and we’re tired, sore, exhausted, exhilarated, scared and deliriously happy.  That’s about par with having given birth 12 weeks ago.  There may not be bleary-eyed midnight feedings but there certainly are bleary-eyed midnight meetings.  We’ve had to turn our full attention to this new “child” of ours leaving little time for anything else. Like any newborn, it’s most definitely challenging and demanding at times, but so amazingly worthwhile. There are days we question what the hell we could have been thinking to take such a huge step, but there are others when the place is filled with customers having a great time that we know we made the right choice.  Either way, there’s no going back now!  We try to remind ourselves that our “baby” won’t always be in diapers, that there will come a time when it will have grown into the mature “adult” we always knew it would be.  So we focus on enjoying watching our “baby” grow no matter how tired we may be, or how frustrated. We celebrate each little milestone and try not to worry…at least not TOO much.  

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