Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Thing" is...

Have you ever noticed that the minute you think you have solved a “thing,” everything changes and the solution you thought brilliant just moments ago, is now not only insufficient, but sometimes downright dumb.  The “thing” can be anything really, an operational challenge, a financial problem, an employee conflict, a customer concern.  No matter what the “thing” is, it always seems to be a moving target and the harder you aim, the farther off target you get.   We're firm believers in policies and procedures, but you can policy and procedure yourself into oblivion only to have a new challenge you had not considered rise up and throw you for a loop.  Not to argue that this is a case for anarchy, certainly some framework is better than none. But why do the parameters have to keep changing?  I suppose from a metaphysical standpoint it’s what allows us to “evolve,” i.e. how we react to the challenges in life is a reflection of who we are as a person.  But damn it’s frustrating!  Wouldn’t it be nice to solve a thing and let it stay solved for evermore? Wishful thinking I guess.

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